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5 secrets to finding your true happiness

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

While recognizing the wisdom of the great thinkers of our time, it is more important to know how each of us defines happiness in our own lives.

Often times individuals misconstrue the source of happiness, believing it is connected with pleasing insatiable desires and confusing the idea of wants and needs.

Writer: Beth Hall


The old saying of “if this happens, then that can happen, and I will be so happy” can lead to false beliefs that happiness is “out there” and we all need to “find it.”

1. Know the difference between wants and needs.

We may want many things in this world: a new car, better relationships, latest gadgets, more material items for our home, keeping up with what others have, giving into what others say or do and rushing after the next gratification to find that ever elusive state of happiness.

Needs focus on developing a greater appreciation for life and what is necessary to live each day.

A roof over ones’ head, clean water to drink, the love of family and friends, reflection on nature and small wonders. Know the difference. Ask yourself “is this a want or a need?” Letting go of “wants” and embracing “needs” can lead to contentment and happiness.

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