​Here, you will learn the simplest and most effective method of meditation, the path that leads to enlightenment. Every week, we hold guided meditation sessions for beginners.  We also organize spiritual activities at the center, which include Buddhist chanting to pay respect to the Triple Gems, listening to Dhamma, as well as alms and food offerings to the  monks.  Afterward, we prepare Thai delicacies that everyone can enjoy together.


The Dhammakaya Meditation Center of San Jose was founded on November 1st, 2009, as a part of the vision of Ven. Dhammajayo Bhikkhu, the abbot of Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Thailand, who wishes to spread world peace through inner peace to every corner of the world. 


We began from a small group of individuals in Northern California who came together for meditation.  Now our group has grown to include members from many cities including San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento and Redding.

Benefits of Meditation

The center provides lessons on the Dhammakaya meditation as it is the only technique in the world that teaches about the center of the body as the natural home of the human mind and an unlimited source of joy. 

Many have found regular practice of this meditation method helped them overcome physical ailments and emotional illnesses.

Others have expressed satisfaction at increased self-esteem, better work performance, and improved relationships with colleagues and family members.

Whether you are happy or sad, looking for the real meaning of life, or wishing to discover more about yourself, the practice of this meditation method helped them overcome physical ailments and Dhammakaya meditation has the answer for you


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